Landscape Constructs

Photography morphs

After spending more than ten years trying to write a thriller and realising I was no kind of novelist, I took up street photography. It’s a practice I’d encourage anyone to persue – you get to look at the world in the moment, perhaps attempt to glean some meaning from it and get lots of exercise.

For several years I explored the idea of the untampered-with image – just recording what was in front of me, no messing about. Inevitably I started messing about, first taking deliberately distorted images or turning them upside-down. Then I found out that people confronted by photographs, barely have to glance at them to ingest their appearance and meaning. So, I thought about slowing the experience down – how do you add texture to a photograph?

The Last Time

The Last Time I Saw You (for John Foxx And The Maths), digital construct, dimensions variable, 2020

The photograph in the background is of the Dorset countryside as seen from a speeding train.

The Warlock

The Warlock And The Grass Widow, digital construct, dimensions variable, 2020

Old paintings in acrylic provided a lot of the brushmarks and in some cases images.

Weedy Dave

Weedy Dave’s Moist Gusset, digital construct, dimensions variable, 2020

If you are interested in seeing more landscape constructs visit my Instagram account, (where I post stuff in a fairly haphazard order), or email me at richard.s.guest2015[insertatsymbol]

From time to time I will also make images available as prints.

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