VOLUME 1: 2020-2021

19 Artists

Interviews, paintings, sculptures, menus, music history, fiction, collages, photography, illustration, jewellery art and reviews…courtesy:

Deanne Achong, Hedy Bach, Laura Barbato, Chris Bronsk, Elena Caravela, Barry Comer, David Cook, Richard Guest, Joanne Haywood, Toby Holmes, Linda Hubbard, Nicola Light, Wilma Millette, Dan Parnell, Eleni Poulou, David Powell, Edward Redwood, Carole Stuartson, and Dan Thompson

232 pages, multiple formats available

£2.99 / $4.24

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Some example spreads from the magazine:

Illustrations by Richard Guest
Interview with Dan Thompson, illustrations by Nicola Light
Art by Edward Redwood
Illustration by Richard Guest

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